Why Your Household Needs the Right Texas Earthquake Insurance 

Your home is special – somewhere you consider a place of peace and refuge and enjoyment. It’s the place that you spend the most time with your family, where you play fetch in the backyard with your dog, and where you relax after a stressful day at work. Having the earthquake insurance that fits your home’s needs and risk factors is an invaluable asset for you as a homeowner – and while there are things that are beyond your control, you do have control over what protection you have at the ready.


The right home insurance coverage is a valuable thing, but home insurance doesn’t cover the devastation that earthquakes can cause. You have no control over nature and its whims, so why should you have to deal with earthquake damage without the right insurance coverage? Don’t settle for less than the right policy for your particular needs. 


How Earthquake Insurance Coverage Can Protect Your Texas Home


Your home has value that must be protected – and since you cannot physically stop earthquakes, you need to be armed with ample insurance coverage to help you move through such a scenario. Having a good understanding of what the right Texas earthquake insurance policy could do for your home is a tremendous asset to you as a homeowner:

  • The dwelling coverage limit aspect of Texas earthquake insurance is an invaluable part of protecting your home. Dwelling coverage protects your home’s structure, and that is no small thing. The structure of a house is too expensive to have to repair or replace parts without the appropriate insurance protection for your unique situation. 


  • Coverage for personal property is also an invaluable aspect of earthquake insurance in Texas.  Your personal items such as your entertainment systems or fine glassware or art can be decimated by an earthquake – so don’t let such a situation catch you off guard. Having the sufficient coverage to replace your valuable personal items is an important part of setting yourself (as well as your household) up for long-term security.

  • One important benefit to having good Texas earthquake insurance is the ability to safeguard your finances. Even if you are extremely careful with your savings, one significant earthquake catastrophe can decimate all your best laid plans if you don’t have the right insurance coverage for your situation. Safeguarding your wherewithal is not something to put off when you own a Texas home as wonderful as yours. 

  • There are inherent risks that come with owning a home. You deserve peace of mind and having the best coverage for your needs is so important – you want to be able to enjoy your home, not constantly worry about the damage that an earthquake can wreak upon your home.  Your peace of mind is a valuable thing, and you should safeguard it by being prepared for any unexpected tremors. 


While you can not control whether or not a substantial earthquake hits your area, you can be certain that you are prepared for the aftermath. Having a policy that protects you and your household from the financial devastation that Texas earthquakes can bring is absolutely vital.


Safeguarding Your Home With the Right Texas Earthquake Insurance Coverage


Having ample protection for your home is a must, and when tremors put your property at risk, you want only the best coverage for your home. Talk with your insurance agent about how you can protect your home with the appropriate coverage for your situation. Something to keep in mind is the higher deductible your policy has, the lower your premiums will be, so finding the best fit for your needs is a necessity. An experienced agent can help you find the coverage that fits your home’s situation – and when you have an agent helping you navigate the different facets of Texas earthquake insurance, you can tap into the knowledge you need to protect the home you love. 

Here at Patterson Insurance, we believe that your home should be protected from those unexpected earthquakes that can come at the worst time. You can call our Carthage team at (903) 693-3831 or our Seven Points team at (903) 432-2436; contact us today so that we can help you find the best Texas earthquake insurance for your home. You and your household deserve the best coverage for your situation – and today is the day to find the policy that meets your needs.

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