Why You Need the Right Texas Retail Insurance

You love your retail store, whether it is a clothing boutique, a hardware store, or something else entirely. It is a reflection of who you are; someone who takes initiative and strives to do well in all you seek to accomplish. Keeping your store running well in all weather is not something that you take lightly, and that is only right. 

Your store needs to be protected, and having the right retail insurance is an important facet of protecting it from issues that come along every once in a while. When it comes to your business, you cannot afford to allow bumps in the road to put a halt in your operations. You want to have the insurance coverage that takes care of your store when less-than-ideal conditions come up – and you deserve to have the protection you and your retail store needs.

What a Good Retail Insurance Policy Can Offer You


  • The right retail insurance policy gives you good general liability insurance, which is incredibly important. This coverage takes care of you, should a customer sustain an injury at your store. This covers vendors as well, so if a vendor has an accident at your retail store, it should be taken care of under this coverage. Property insurance covers not only your equipment and inventory, but also your buildings. Things happen and disasters creep up at the worst times, but when you are prepared, you don’t have to fear what the future could bring. 


  • Coverage for lost business income is not something to overlook. Should a covered loss shut business down temporarily or somehow stunt income, this takes care of the lost income. You should not have to find yourself dealing with a bigger issue because you have to pause to get everything back to normal, and with the right policy, you can get back to normalcy sooner than you might be able to otherwise. 


  • Workers’ compensation is an important part of a good Texas retail insurance policy, as you always want to have a shield should a lawsuit arise. Employment practices liability insurance covers you, should you be accused of harassment, discrimination, or even wrongful termination, so it is important to have good protection there, as misunderstandings can complicate things even when you only mean well. 


  • The right employee dishonesty coverage can be a game-changer. Employee dishonesty is something you hopefully will never have to deal with, but since in reality you could find yourself facing such a situation, having coverage to take care of it is invaluable. Should an employee steal cash, credit card information, or items from your inventory, you should be covered.


  • If you have company vehicles, you want the commercial auto insurance that protects you and your employees from any mishaps that may occur. The fact is, your employees may be the best drivers in the whole world – but accidents can still happen. Having the right coverage to deal with it is the only way to go.


  • Having coverage for computer property can be crucial for your retail business. Imagine having to deal with payments or inventory without your computer system! You always want to have your computer systems protected so that your store’s operations can continue like clockwork.


Every retail store is different and some coverages maybe more relevant to you than others, so it’s important to talk with your insurance agent to find the best fit for you. Your retail store is something to take care of and protect, and here at Patterson Insurance, we believe that you deserve to have the means to safeguard your business well.

Protecting Your Store With the Right Coverage


Bottom line, your store is far too valuable to you – and your community – to not safeguard it with the right retail insurance coverage. There are many things that can complicate your daily operations, but when you are ready to handle whatever comes, you don’t have to fear the future. You can enjoy and nurture your business today, knowing that you have set it up to stand the test of time.

You can call our Carthage team at (903) 693-3831 or our Seven Points team at (903) 432-2436; contact us and we can help you find the coverage that gives your retail store the policy it needs to be properly safeguarded both now and for years to come.

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