What You Need to Know About Texas Antique Car Insurance in Fredericksburg

Your antique car is something special, and you want to be able to enjoy it for many years into the future. Having the right Texas antique car insurance in Fredericksburg is a vital part of preserving your unique antique vehicle, and you want to be prepared for whatever the future brings down the road. The thing is, regular car insurance policies don’t factor in the needs of your collector vehicle the way that antique car insurance coverage does. Since you want your antique car to have a policy that takes its special features and characteristics into account, having Texas antique car insurance coverage that fits your vehicle’s needs can be an invaluable asset. 


It is important to understand which vehicles are considered antique cars. An antique car is at the very least 25 years old – and to qualify for antique car insurance, it cannot be your daily-use car. This doesn’t mean that you cannot take your antique vehicle out to show off every once in a while at an exhibition or club activity – you should be able to enjoy your amazing car, after all. With the right antique car insurance policy, you don’t have to be afraid to carefully enjoy your antique beauty.

 How Texas Antique Car Insurance Can Protect Your Fredericksburg Vehicle

  • You will likely have lower premiums when you insure your antique car with a Texas antique car insurance policy rather than regular auto coverage. Regular auto insurance is for a vehicle that is exposed to the wear and tear of daily life – not a cherished antique for display and special occasions. Ask yourself: why should you have to pay higher premiums for a vehicle that is exposed to far less risk? You absolutely deserve to have the coverage that fits your antique car’s needs, so don’t settle for less. 


  • Your antique car deserves to have the specialized care it needs should something happen, including unique parts that can be hard to get a hold of. Your antique vehicle has unique needs – and those needs should be met. Having the right Fredericksburg antique car insurance coverage can help you get appropriate repairs for your collector vehicle should it undergo damage.

  • Comprehensive coverage takes care of issues ranging from damage wreaked by storms to theft and vandalism. Your antique vehicle is far too precious to allow nature – or a thief or vandal – to take away the enjoyment you get out of your collector car. Having the right comprehensive coverage in place helps you to effectively safeguard your antique treasure.


  • Coverage for liability and medical payments is so crucial. While no one wants to visualize their antique car in an accident, the fact is that it can end up causing property damage and injury just like any other motor vehicle. Don’t let liability issues or medical payments drain you financially when you can have the right insurance coverage in place to help you deal with those issues. 

  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is so important when it comes safeguarding your collector vehicle. There are more motorists with insufficient coverage on the road than you would think – and as unbelievable as it sounds, there are drivers out there without insurance protection at all. You shouldn’t have to be the one paying for the other driver’s irresponsibility, so making sure you have good uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage for your collector car is important.

Safeguarding Your Fredericksburg Antique Car With the Right Texas Insurance Policy 

Your antique car is far too dear to you to have anything less than the insurance protection that fits your needs. The fact is, you should be able to enjoy your antique car for what it is: an amazing vehicle. Make sure that you talk to your Patterson Insurance agent about your antique car’s needs. Your agent has the expertise needed to help you find the policy that meets your needs – and that can be a game-changer for you and your car. For example, your agent can tell you whether you need antique car insurance or classic car insurance for your valuable vehicle. You are not alone when it comes to finding the coverage you need; here at Patterson Insurance, we are dedicated to helping you find the coverage that fits your situation. 


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