Understanding Texas Inland Marine Insurance & When You Might Need It

Texas inland marine insurance is not a term you often hear. While “marine” probably makes you think of water or the sea, “inland marine insurance” has nothing to do with traveling over water – it has to do with insuring your business’ assets as you transport them over land. Texas inland marine insurance protects your business’ equipment and materials (as well as products) as you transport it over land. It is important that you have the right coverage to protect your business’ assets during transport, as uninsured loss can be financially draining for your business and devastating for you. However, with the right coverage, you can make sure that you will not be hung out to dry should something happen during transport, and you can be sure you have the best protection for your situation.


Moving your business to a new location is a lot of work, but when you have an inland marine insurance policy, you don’t have to worry as much about anything happening to your business assets as you transport them. You never want to leave your assets vulnerable while being transported, especially if you are moving your whole business. Even if you are only moving some assets, you still do not want to risk having inadequate coverage for your business. The coverage from your business owner’s policy won’t give you the full coverage you need for transporting your business’ assets, and finding the right policy to take care of your situation is vital.


When You Would Need Inland Marine Insurance


  • If you are moving your business, you will need the coverage to protect your business from theft and loss due to accident. Inland marine insurance protects you from the significant financial loss that theft and accidents can wreak on your business, and gives you peace of mind while transporting your property. You can ensure that you have the right coverage for the situation.


  • Another reason that you might need inland marine insurance is if your business transports frequently. You need to ensure your assets are protected should you need to ship out or move assets often, because you have no idea what might come up on the road. You will be glad you safeguarded your assets should the unexpected arise.


  • You can even get coverage for pipelines, bridges, and tunnels. If you happen to need a policy in those areas, we can help you find the right Texas inland marine insurance coverage for your situation. If it is used in transporting goods, an inland marine insurance policy may be the best coverage for it.


  • If you have a warehouse facility or any sort of business where clients leave property at your business, you might need Texas inland marine insurance. You do not want clients’ property to be put at risk because you don’t have adequate coverage, but with the right inland marine insurance, you have no need to worry about issues that might come up. After all, you cannot know what will happen, but you can safeguard yourself, your business, and those relying on your business so that even if unpleasant situations come up, they can be dealt with quickly.


If you find yourself transporting your business or significant assets, you need to have coverage that will protect your business from loss due to an unfortunate circumstance. There is no way to predict what will happen during even the most careful transport, and you need coverage that will protect you for the mishaps that travel along every road. With the right protection, you can rest assured that your assets are ready for transporting over land and you can proceed knowing you took the right steps in ensuring that your business is secured.


Finding Texas Inland Marine Insurance That Fits Your Business


While there are many things that can happen on the road during transport, there is no reason that you should be stressed while moving your business or transporting assets if you take steps to protect your business. With Texas inland marine insurance, you don’t have to worry about mishaps that could come your way. We would love to help you safeguard your business with the right policy for you! Contact us today and we can help you find the Texas inland marine insurance policy that fits your business.  


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