The Value of Working with an Independent Insurance Agent

From a hometown feel to some major safety aspects, there are many reasons to choose to work with an independent insurance agent. While there are many reasons, we broke the list down into what we believe are the top reasons to work with an independent insurance agent in Texas. This list simply tells you what the typical smaller, independent insurance agent will be able to offer, but it is important to keep in mind that every insurance agency is different.


Liability of an Independent Insurance Agent


When an insurance company makes a mess of something, you definitely want them to be held liable. This may not always be the case if you are insured through a bigger name agency that has a lot of power and resources. They are able to protect their company better than a smaller agency and therefore will typically not end up liable for said mistakes. This means that a lot of the liability could end up falling in your lap. Independent insurance agencies definitely offer a safety that is not typically found at larger name/chain agencies, which is why we think this is an important one to add to our list of five reasons to work with an independent insurance agency in Texas. 


One Stop Shop at Independent Insurance Agencies


Independent insurance agencies typically have more of a range of coverages that they offer. By this, we mean that there are many independent agencies that will provide home insurance, business insurance, life insurance and more all through the one company. This just simplifies things for you, as a consumer, because you do not have to search for individual agencies for each insurance need that you have. This makes it easier on you with paying bills, getting in touch with questions/concerns, and makes your overall experience simpler, which is why we put it on our list of five reasons to work with an independent insurance agency in Texas. 


Local Business


Let’s be honest, there’s just a special kind of comforting feeling you get when you know the people who are dealing with your property. You don’t get this feeling with big-name insurance companies, but with smaller independent insurance agencies, you can get to know the people you are placing your trust in, and they can get to know you personally as well. This, again, just gives you a safe feeling that you can’t get elsewhere. With this being said, the insurance agency probably has a better idea of local threats to your home, car, etc. and this is extremely helpful when you want to have adequate coverage. This means that if, for example, you live in a place that has a high risk of flooding, the agency will recognize this and give you more coverage in this area. Another example could be if you live in an area that has a high traffic-accident rate, the agency would know how to recommend more car insurance coverage, simply because they live where you live and understand what you need. 


Independent Insurance Agents are AVAILABLE


Going along with the hometown feel, availability is a huge reason that many people choose an independent insurance agent. As a customer, you want an agent that will be attentive to your needs whenever they arise. This is definitely harder for larger companies, as they have more clients and can not always get to every claim or question right away. If, for example, you have major damage to your car and need your claim checked out right away in order for you to get your car fixed, then you would definitely want to have coverage from an independent insurance agent that could get your claim taken care of right away. If having your questions answered or your claim taken care of right away is important to you, then you will definitely want to lean towards an independent insurance agent. Because this is usually on so many peoples’ list of things they want in an insurance company, we thought it deserved a spot on our list of five reasons to work with an independent insurance agents in Texas. 

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