Texas Workers’ Compensation Insurance: What You Need to Know

Your employees are a crucial aspect of your business, and without them, daily operations would come to a halt. Having the right Texas workers’ compensation insurance coverage can make a huge difference in your business, and you should not settle for so-so coverage in this area. There is every reason to get the coverage you need to protect your employees and your business well, and there is no better time to find that coverage than right now.

Workers’ compensation plays a significant part in a thriving business – it gives you and your employees peace of mind and it also protects your business from any legal issues that may come up down the road. Just as it is important to have the right commercial property insurance to protect your building or the right commercial auto coverage for your company vehicles, you need to ensure that your employees are sufficiently covered as well, in the event that someone gets injured.

What Texas Workers’ Compensation Insurance Can Offer

  • Should any of your employees get injured from doing their job or get sick from it, Texas workers’ compensation covers the medical costs involved. We all know that medical costs can be very expensive, and you never want your business to have insufficient protection for employees’ medical expenses. 

  • If an employee is unable to work for a time due to a work-related injury or sickness, workers’ compensation coverage covers lost income. This can be a significant expense, and having the right insurance coverage helps both your business and the employee. When you are prepared, it’s a win-win.

  • If an employee were to die on the job, their beneficiaries can receive death benefits.  Should the unthinkable come to pass and an employee does die, their family won’t be left without death benefits. This is an important facet of workers’ compensation coverage, and having the right insurance to cover death benefits is no small thing.

  • The right Texas workers’ compensation insurance coverage also safeguards your business from lawsuits. You have your employees’ well-being at heart, but legal issues can come up and lawsuits are never pleasant things to navigate, so having the right insurance coverage to help protect your business is a must. Don’t wait for a legal issue to come up to find the protection your business needs –  instead, be ready for the unexpected. You will be glad that you thought ahead.

  • Having the right Texas workers’ compensation coverage offers you and your employees the peace of mind you all deserve. In life, you cannot prevent every unpleasant thing from happening, but you can be prepared for it. When your business has the right Texas workers’ compensation insurance coverage, you and your employees can take comfort in the knowledge that the right protection is in place.

None of us want to think about our employees getting hurt. However, accidents and misfortunes can rear their ugly heads when we least expect them to, so it is important to be prepared to handle those situations. You don’t have to fear the future when you have taken steps to safeguard your business, and making sure you have the insurance coverage you need can be one of the best things you can do for your company’s future.

Protecting Your Employees and Your Business

Talk to your Patterson insurance agent about the unique needs at your business and what your employees need from the right Texas workers’ compensation coverage. Some businesses have higher risk and some have relatively low risk, so it is important to discuss this with your agent. You, your business, and your employees deserve the right coverage for your situation. And since here at Patterson Insurance, we work with several insurance providers, your agent can help find the right fit for you.

No matter how careful you are, mishaps occur and catastrophes come up every now and then, which is why it is so important to safeguard your employees with the right insurance protection. You can call our Carthage team at (903) 693-3831 or our Seven Points team at (903) 432-2436; contact us today so that we can help you find the workers’ compensation insurance that fits your business’ needs.

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