Texas Restaurant Insurance In Temple: Protection Your Business Deserves

Good food is a cornerstone of civilization; it’s something that binds us all together. Your restaurant in Temple, Texas is a wonderful establishment and it plays a significant role in your community – and you want your business to last regardless of the unexpected events the future may bring. 


Here is something we all know from first-hand experience: life is full of unknowns, and no one knows what will happen tomorrow. That’s one of the reasons why having the right insurance coverage is so vital. Texas restaurant insurance is a crucial facet of protecting your business from being destroyed by an unfortunate circumstance – and you deserve to have the policy you need to safeguard your business effectively. Don’t cheat yourself by having insufficient coverage when you can have the protection your restaurant needs.


Insurance Coverage That Effectively Protects Your Restaurant in Temple, Texas

  • The right general liability insurance is an important part of taking care of your business. There is no reason to allow your business to be exposed to the devastating consequences of general liability insurance that isn’t properly covered.  There are so many unpleasant liability issues that can arise, so being prepared to handle whatever comes your way is invaluable.

  • Commercial property insurance is another important part of protecting your restaurant from unexpected eventualities. Commercial property insurance coverage deals with issues arising from lightning striking your restaurant or storm damage or damaged equipment. It also covers you if someone breaks in and steals from your restaurant, and that’s a valuable benefit. Don’t let an unfortunate incident financially drain your business when you can have the protection you need to handle property damage issues.


  • Commercial auto coverage is another invaluable facet of safeguarding your business.  You may have a fleet of company vehicles or you may simply have an employee running to pick up supplies, but whatever the case may be, you need good commercial auto insurance to ensure that an accident doesn’t spell disaster for your business. Accidents will happen, so having the insurance coverage to help you handle such a scenario is a must.

  • Good workers’ compensation coverage is a vital part of setting up your business for long-term success. This covers both medical expenses and lost wages if an employee sustains a work-related injury, and it helps to protect your Texas restaurant should a lawsuit ensue due to a mishap. Injury is never a fun subject to dwell on, but it is important that you have the right protection in place should an employee be injured.


If it benefits your business, you can add these coverages on to your policy as well:

  • Employee practices liability insurance, covers you (and your employees) in the event that issues involving harassment, discrimination, or even wrongful termination come up. Employee dishonesty coverage has your back should an employee steal from your business, which can save you a lot of trouble should something like that happen. 


  • Utility services and spoilage coverage covers food and drink lost due to a power outage, which can be a great benefit to your restaurant. Lost food and drink can end up being a costly expense, so having coverage for that can be a game-changer. Something else to consider is equipment breakdown coverage to cover any equipment breakdowns you may encounter.


Finding the Right Insurance Coverage For Your Temple, Texas Restaurant


Every business is unique, and making sure that you have the best coverage for your needs is important. Remember, you can always talk to your Patterson Insurance agent about your restaurant’s situation and needs in order to find the best fit for your business. After all, your restaurant isn’t the one across the street from you or one from the other side of town; it’s your own unique business and it deserves the best policy for its specific needs. You have an insurance agent at your side helping you find the right coverage for your situation, and you should take advantage of your agent’s knowledge.

Here at Patterson Insurance, we understand that you deeply value your restaurant in Temple, and we believe that you should be able to get the insurance protection you need in order to take care of your business. You can call our Carthage team at (903) 693-3831 or our Seven Points team at (903) 432-2436; contact us today and we can help you insure your restaurant with the right coverage for your unique situation.

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