Texas Group Benefits: What You Need to Know

Your employees are an irreplaceable part of your organization, and you want them to have the  Texas group benefits they deserve. No two businesses are exactly the same, so having a group benefits package that fulfills your employees’ needs is important. The fact is, even if your employees love working for you, it is hard to retain great employees if they aren’t able to get the benefits they need from your business. 

Your employees are worth retaining. You want your employees to have the best group benefits, but you also can’t let those benefits break the bank, otherwise you won’t be able to pay them the wages they deserve. Fortunately, you can get the benefits your employees need without draining your finances! 

What You Can Offer Your Employees Through Texas Group Benefits

  • Term life insurance (“term life insurance” simply means life insurance that is set for a certain period – for example, the policy might last for ten years) is a great benefit to offer your employees. You don’t want your employees to be worried about what would happen to their families should something happen to them, and when you can offer them term life insurance, it is a significant benefit to your valued employees. 

  • More than likely, one of the biggest things that your employees want is great health insurance. Medical issues can come out of nowhere, and your employees need to have a great health insurance policy. Healthy employees are happy employees, and coverage for maintenance and doctors appointments as well as prescription medication is vital. When it comes to retaining great employees, being able to offer great health coverage is a huge factor.

  • Dental insurance and vision insurance is right up there with health insurance. Regular dental upkeep is actually a crucial part of keeping the entire body in good health, so if you can give your employees dental coverage, it is a valuable offering. The same goes for vision insurance; you don’t want your employees to neglect their vision if you can help it.

  • It is important that you can offer your employees short term and long term disability coverage. In life, accidents can happen even when preventative measures are taken, and unfortunately they can have lasting effects. Offering your employees the ability to deal with long term as well as short term disability issues is a benefit that your employees would not take lightly.

  • The ability to offer your employees paid leave is no small thing. Everyone gets sick from time to time, and having the right benefits package allows you to give your employees paid sick time. In addition, being able to offer your employees paid vacation time is a perk that everyone appreciates! Offering generous paid leave can help you draw in and retain your best employees, so this is not a facet of good Texas group benefits you should ignore. 

  • Offering your employees good retirement plan options is also a wonderful benefit. Your employees can enjoy greater peace of mind when they have the retirement options that fit their lifestyles. All of us want to be prepared for when we retire, and your employees are no different. Having a Texas group benefits package that can give your employees the retirement options that they need can make a positive difference in your business. 

Protecting Your Employees The Way They Deserve

You employees are a crucial part of your business, and you want them to know that they are valued by you and the entire organization. Since your business is unique, you should not settle for a cookie-cutter Texas group benefits package for your employees when you can have one that fits your business. Talk to your Patterson Insurance agent about what is the best package for your situation. If this is the first time your business has been able to offer group benefits, your agent can explain the ins and outs so that you don’t have to figure out the best choice on your own. 

Call our Carthage team at (903) 693-3831 or our Seven Points team at (903) 432-2436; you can contact us today so we can help you provide the benefits package that best fits your business and your employees. Give your employees the benefits they deserve!

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