Texas 4th of July Safety Tips for You and Your Family

The birth of our nation’s freedom, Independence Day is here! If you live in Texas like us, then you know how to celebrate this great holiday. Most of us will be out and about attending large fireworks events or family gatherings in Texas where fireworks are the number one premiere at the end of the night.  However, all of this fun and excitement can lead to accidents or mistakes if safety precautions are not taken. Last year, In the year 2018, 5 deaths were reported and over 9,000 injuries reported due to fireworks in the United States. Here at Patterson Insurance we want you to have a safe and fun filled Fourth of July weekend with your family.  When it comes to firework safety, there are several things to take into consideration to keep our friends and families safe. Let’s take a look at these quick tips below.

  • Attending a public event vs. Home displays

Public events keep your families and friends at a safe distance if you would attend to behold the fireworks display at the end of the night.  This allows you to enjoy the fun without worrying of any firework materials being too close to you or family members. If you choose to shoot fireworks off at your gathering, bear in mind how close your onlookers are to your display. One of the number one things you should do if you choose to host your own fireworks display at your home, is to make sure to talk to your local insurance agency to check on your own home insurance policy for events like this. They will be able to provide information on how your home insurance policy would cover your guests while they are on your premises. 

  • Follow State Laws

Depending on what state you live in, different states have certain laws when it comes to fireworks displays or what type of fireworks that you may use.  The Texas Department of Insurance provides great information on how to keep you safe this holiday. Be sure to checkout this great resource before you ignite any fireworks at your home or any other place for that matter. Following state laws allows you to have fun without worrying whether or not you could be unintentionally breaking any laws.

  • Sparklers

Sparklers are the next thing to consider when it comes to Fourth of July fireworks fun. When attending a fireworks event, always remember to supervise small children that are using sparklers.  Sparklers can be hot and cause burns if used incorrectly. Always have a bucket of water on hand for sparklers when they have been burned out. A fun and safe alternative to the traditional metal sparklers that tend to heat up quickly are wood based sparklers that you can find at most any firework stores, stands, or displays. 

  • Read Directions

When it comes to certain types of fireworks, it’s important to follow directions that are provided when you purchase them. Make sure the type of fireworks you are using are legal and allowed to be used in the area in which you live.  For example, certain types of fireworks are not allowed within city limits. Following directions will help to avoid any accidental mistakes that are unattended for. Take the extra five minutes to read the directions before you kick off your fireworks display with a bang. 

  • Be Smart

The Fourth of July is supposed to be a fun filled event to celebrate our nation’s freedom, filled with excitement, barbeques, swimming, beach attending, and of course great food and barbeque.  Always think of others when you’re using fireworks or attending an event where fireworks are involved.   

We would like to take this opportunity to say Happy Fourth of July to all of our clients, readers, and friends of any kind, from us here at Patterson Insurance. We want to wish you and your family a fun filled and safe Independence Day! 

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