Storefront vs. Mobile Texas Boutiques: What are the Differences in Insurance Needs?

Retail businesses have grown throughout the state of Texas providing the most recent fashion trends with new and old styles, combined with whatever product you choose to sell.  If you are interested in opening your own personal retail boutique, there are several options available to you in today’s economic climate. The storefront and the mobile texas boutique model. When it comes to risk management for your business venture, there are some distinct differences that you will need to be aware of. 

Storefront boutiques would have different insurance coverage needs than the idea of having a mobile boutique that could travel throughout the United States in theory. Either way, the day-to-day operations will need insurance to cover liability and other means of the business to protect the business owner (you) and your customers.  Patterson Insurance can work alongside business owners to create a single policy to meet the needs retail owners like yourself need. 

Storefront versus Mobile Boutiques

There are several differences when it comes to the insurance needs of a storefront retail business, or a mobile Texas boutique.  Storefront details will usually have a commercial space owned or leased that will need coverage for the different commercial property used.   When it comes to insurance for storefront boutiques, whatever it is you’re selling, boutique business owners are looking for many different types of insurance coverage that will include several factors including property insurance, liability, crime, cyber liability, and other business interruptions coverages.  

When it comes to insuring Mobile Boutiques you would be looking for coverage, for not only the factors listed for a storefront brick and mortar but also for vehicle coverage including the trailer and vehicle if you were towing a trailer of your items from place to place. The greatest tool in your arsenal, when it comes to managing your risks and purchasing insurance, is the wisdom and insight of a trusted insurance agency that specializes in Texas boutique insurance. 

Insurance Needed for Texas Boutiques

Patterson Insurance provides all the necessary components that you will need to start your own brick and mortar or mobile retail boutique business in Texas.  We have experts on hand that can help you navigate the following coverages in order to put together a total insurance package for your business venture: 


  • General Liability Insurance:  Takes care of you and your business if any incident involves an issue with the customer. Both Mobile and Storefront options will want to explore this coverage. 


  • Property Insurance: Can replace or repair anything that breaks or needs to be fixed, including your mobile trailer.


  • Workers Compensation: Covers you and your employees lost wages or medical expenses involved in an incident at work. 


  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Covers deliveries or errands to and from your retail store and could include your truck or SUV you use to pull your mobile trailer boutique.


  • Employee Dishonesty: Covers you if an employee steals cash or inventory or other information. 


  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance: Covers you for any accusation of harassment or discrimination.


  • Sign Insurance: Covers any damage to your sign that you may use to present the name of your business to your customers.


  • Business Income: Covers any losses to your business for reasons that may or may not be out of your control due to limits of your income.


  • Brands and Labels: Covers any removable brands or labels of merchandise. 


  • Computer Property: Covers any damage from loss or damage of computer systems. This is important coverage to consider whether you operate a mobile boutique or a local storefront.



Where to find Texas Boutique Insurance


The most important step you can take when trying to find the insurance you need is to meet with an agency that can provide the policy you need for whatever business ventures you proceed to do.  When you work with an expert, you can focus on the business you love and we can do what we do best; help you protect your business! 

Here at Patterson Insurance, we understand how much time and effort you put into your Texas boutique business, and we would love to help you set yourself up for success. You can call our Carthage team at (903) 693-3831 or our Seven Points team at (903) 432-2436; contact us today and we can help you find the coverage that gives your Texas boutique the protection it needs. Take your next step today!

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