Safeguarding Your Seven Points Business With the Right Restaurant Insurance Coverage

Good restaurants add so much to the world we live in, and yours plays an important role in the Seven Points area. You have worked hard to make your business the best it can be, and you have taken the time to plan for the unexpected. Unfortunately, all the planning in the world cannot prevent mishaps from touching your business at some point in the future, so having the right Texas restaurant insurance policy for your situation is a must. 

You cannot foresee the future – nor can you anticipate what will arise down the road – so having the right insurance coverage to protect your business is not only important, it’s necessary. As with any business, you will experience ups and downs – but that doesn’t have to stop you from striving for your goals. When you are armed with excellent insurance protection, you can be ready for whatever tomorrow holds. 

Safeguarding Your Restaurant With the Right Insurance Policy 

  • General liability insurance covers a variety of liability situations that can come up when you least expect them to. Should a customer slip and fall at your establishment, you want to be prepared with ample liability protection. This coverage also deals with taking care of a visitor’s property if it is damaged or destroyed at your restaurant. 

  • Commercial property insurance is also indispensable. With the right commercial property insurance coverage for your unique needs, you can be prepared for whatever comes your way. From damage caused by fire and smoke to lightning and violent storms, you want to be prepared for the unknown. It is important to note that commercial property insurance also can cover your business in the event that someone were to break in and steal from your restaurant.

  • Workers’ compensation coverage is an invaluable facet of insuring your Seven Points restaurant. Medical expenses and lost wages are no small thing, and having the right insurance protection for such a situation is a significant benefit. Your employees deserve to have their needs covered, and your restaurant deserves to be financially protected from the steep expenses that come with injury issues. 


  • Any time you are dealing with vehicles, you want to be extra careful, as accidents and other auto mishaps are costly. Commercial auto coverage is also a valuable part of protecting your restaurant. Whether your business makes deliveries on a routine basis or your employees simply have to run errands for the restaurant, having commercial auto coverage is essential. 

Every business is different; you can add on coverage to help take care of your restaurant’s specific needs:

  • For example, employee practices liability insurance coverage can be a huge benefit for your restaurant. It protects you as well as your  employees should an issue concerning discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination come up. You can also get coverage for employee dishonesty, which is highly valuable. No one wants to think about employees stealing from them, but being prepared for such a situation is crucial. 


  • Equipment breakdown coverage is important because it can cover your industrial refrigerators and other vital equipment. Utility services and spoilage coverage takes care of food or drink ruined due to a power issue. Food spoilage is a costly expense, so make sure that you have the coverage you need so that you don’t have to suffer such a major setback. 

Don’t let the unpredictable world we live in get the best of your business. The world is a better place because of your restaurant, and it should be able to succeed regardless of the unknown – which is why now is the right time to find the best insurance policy for your situation.

Finding the Coverage That Meets the Needs of Your Seven Points Business

Be sure to discuss any questions you may have with your Patterson Insurance agent. Finding the best policy for your needs can feel intimidating, but you are not on your own. You want to ensure that your restaurant is equipped to thrive regardless of the unexpected issues that can arise down the road, and having effective Texas restaurant insurance is an invaluable part of setting yourself up for long-term success.  

At Patterson Insurance, we believe that restaurants like yours add so much to the area and you should be proud of your business achievements. You can call our Carthage team at (903) 693-3831 or our Seven Points team at (903) 432-2436; contact us so that we can work together to find the best insurance fit for your Seven Points restaurant.

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