New Year’s Resolutions: Getting Ready For The Upcoming Year

It’s already 2020 – can you believe it? It is the start of a new era, a time to make new resolutions and make changes that you want to carry into the decade. Whether you have decided to eat healthier, achieve your ideal weight, or spend more intentional time with those you love, you have worthy goals that you want to accomplish.

The fact is, we’re all human, and developing new habits can be hard when we are set in our old ways. The good news is, you can teach an old dog new tricks, and if you want to make a change or form a new lifelong habit, you can. It just takes sticking with it, even when you’d rather not. Since keeping resolutions can be a difficult thing, having a plan helps you continue to work towards your goals even after the excitement of a new year wears off .

How to Keep Yourself On Track With Your New Year’s Resolutions

  • Define your goal. The fact is, telling yourself that you are going to lose weight this year is simply too undefined a goal. Make a plan; break your end goal into manageable parts. Realistically, you might not be able to cut all sugar out of your diet or to exercise for an hour every evening, but that’s okay. Taking things one step at a time is often the best path to success, and it can be much easier to handle a big change when you break it into manageable pieces. 

  • Record your journey. Now, not everyone is into journaling, but you can try to record your progress in a way that fits your busy schedule. Whether it’s in a notebook, on social media, or on an app on your phone, it can be very helpful to record your progress. However you enjoy jotting down your journey, make sure that you document your successes, both big and small. 

  • Keep in mind that every step forward is a step closer to your end goal. Let’s be real here: it can be so easy to be discouraged. You might feel that exercising for thirty minutes when you planned for a whole hour means that you have fallen short, but it doesn’t – it means that you are moving in the right direction! The fact is, it probably won’t be a straight line to your final destination, and that’s completely normal. 

  • Give yourself grace. This is important. Self-condemnation doesn’t help you reach your goals – and feeling guilty doesn’t benefit you or your resolution in the least. Remember that you are trying to make positive changes in your life – and that in itself is something to smile about. Don’t let your aspirations lead you to be too hard on yourself; a little self-forgiveness can go a long way toward attaining your goals.

  • Celebrate your success. You have put effort into your resolution, and you have earned the right to be happy about how far you’ve come. Don’t let anyone make you believe any different!

Making 2020 Your Best Year Yet

Remember, no one is perfect, and the point of New Year’s resolutions isn’t to become a perfect person – it’s simply supposed to give you a boost to help you start better habits and to motivate you to accomplish your goals. You can do great things, but you have to begin at some point if you want to reach your destination. Just cut yourself some slack – you are doing a good thing, and whether you reach your goal this month, the end of the year, or in a few years, you should be proud that you stepped out and made the decision to pursue your dreams. 

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