How to Insure Your Jewelry and Other Personal Belongings

rolex watchDespite the sound of it, Texas inland marine insurance has nothing to do with inland bodies of water. Inland marine insurance protects your personal belongings, like your valuable jewelry and computer hardware. A regular home insurance policy doesn’t give you the specific protection that your personal belongings need, so the way to efficiently protect your precious personal effect is to have the Texas inland marine insurance that will best protect it from any issues that may come your home’s way.

Having the right Texas inland marine insurance goes far beyond protecting your jewelry and computer hardware – it can also safeguard your valuable pieces of art, as well as items like musical instruments or  silverware and fine china. Your valuables deserve the right insurance coverage, and you deserve the ability to enjoy them without constantly worrying about whether or not you could afford to replace them should theft or damage occur.

What Texas Inland Marine Insurance Can Cover


  • Your jewelry is far too precious to leave unguarded by the right Texas Insurance policy, and you can’t afford to not have the right insurance coverage to protect your jewelry from damage or theft. When you have fine jewelry worth thousands of dollars,  you cannot afford to not have the right coverage to protect it from misfortune.


  • Your computers are also far too valuable to not have the right insurance coverage for them.  Imagine something happening, and having to replace all your computer hardware.  The costs rack up fast, and if you are dealing with damage or major theft inflicted on your home, the last issues you want to add to your worries are the replacement costs of your computer equipment. Having the right coverage makes a world of difference, and should you encounter the misfortune of having to replace your computer hardware, you will be very glad that you have the right inland marine insurance.


  • This also applies to your musical instruments. If you are a musician – or if someone in your household is – you cannot afford to let your grand piano sit unprotected, nor can you allow your violin or cello to not have the coverage they so dearly need.


  • Your silverware is another thing to consider. If you have fine silverware, it’s the last thing you want to replace out of pocket. Good silverware is not inexpensive to replace, and if you have just had a break-in or damage to you home that renders your silverware unrecoverable, you will be tremendously relieved that you thought to safeguard those assets.


  • If you are a golfer, you can also have inland marine insurance that covers your golf equipment. If you are a dedicated golfer, you know that your clubs and other equipment are too important to not have sufficient coverage for. Golf equipment is not cheap, and the right Texas inland marine insurance can give you the protection you need to safeguard what matters to you.


Your personal belongings are personal, and while sentimental value cannot be replaced, your finances should not have to suffer because of theft or damage. You should not have to deal with figuring out how you will be able to afford replacing your valuables on top of dealing with the loss of those personal items – and we believe that you deserve to have the coverage you really need to best protect your jewelry and other personal belongings. Life is too short to waste time worrying about whether or not you have the right coverage to protect your personal belongings, and it takes a load off of your mind when you know that you have the right insurance coverage.

Protection Your Personal Treasures Need

Your personal belongings should have the protection that will truly protect them from the unexpected issues that can come up when we least expect it, and Texas inland marine insurance can give you the peace of mind we all desire. You can call our Carthage team at (903) 693-3831 or our Seven Points team at (903) 432-2436; contact us today and we can help you find the Texas inland marine insurance policy that gives you the right coverage to safeguard your personal belongings from the unpleasantries that can come along when we least expect them to. You can enjoy your personal treasures knowing that you have protected them from the mishaps and disasters that we just cannot predict, because preparedness is the best way to protect you and your belongings from catastrophes.

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