Five Ideas to Help Make Mother’s Day Special This Year in Austin, Texas

Our mothers make a difference in our lives that can not be expressed in mere words. They deserve to feel special every day of the year, but especially on Mother’s Day. This year, let the mothers in your family know how precious they are to you by going the extra mile to show them your appreciation. 

While there are many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day and each family is different, sometimes you need new ideas to make the holiday extra special for the mother in your household.  Why settle for mediocre when you can make the day one that she will never forget? The mothers in your life deserve the best, so we have five ideas to springboard your creativity.

Five Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day This Year 


  • Give her a meaningful card. There is nothing quite like a heartfelt card when it comes to expressing your appreciation. Think about the last time you received a meaningful letter or card and how touched it made you feel. There are few things more meaningful than a handwritten note or card, and the mothers in your life will cherish the words you put to paper. 
  • Make her a handcrafted gift. Along the lines of a card, you could make her a framed list of your favorite things about her or make her a birdhouse or create art just for her. Everyone has a different talent, use your unique gifts to make her something special. Even if you don’t think of yourself as an artsy or creative person, you have talents that you can use to craft something unique.  And there are so many ideas and tutorials on the internet, so you’ll never be at a loss for options. You might even learn a new skill or find a new hobby in the process!
  • Make a meal for her. Try your hand at her favorite meal as a surprise! Even if you don’t make it as well as she does (who can?), she will feel the love and effort you put into it. And if it doesn’t go as planned, there’s always her favorite Austin takeout. It’s the thought that counts, after all. You could also bring her breakfast in bed if that’s something she would enjoy.  Dress up a tray and make it special!
  • Get her a pot of perennials! The joy that flowers bring is unparalleled, and perennials are especially nice since they come back on a yearly basis. If she enjoys taking care of flowers, a pot of perennials is a beautiful gift – one that keeps on giving as time goes by. It will be a lovely reminder of your love and admiration year after year, and she can enjoy their beauty today as well. 
  • Do an activity of her choosing as a family. If she wants to play a board game, gather the household together and dedicate the time to Mom. If she wants to have a family movie night, pop some popcorn and watch her favorite movie. Mom spends so much time making everyone else happy, it’s time that she got to pick a game or movie of her choosing. This is a wonderful way to not only do something she enjoys but to bond and spend quality time as a family.


Showing the Mothers in Your Life the Love They Deserve


Well there you have it: five ideas to help you celebrate the mothers who have impacted you and inspired you to be your best. They deserve to know just how much you care, and the moms you love will deeply appreciate the effort you put into making Mother’s Day in Austin special. 

Here at Patterson Insurance, we know that there is no way to fully convey how dear the mothers in our lives are to us, but we also believe that it is well worth trying to. A mom is irreplaceable and she deserves to know how much you love her and appreciate everything she has done for you. We hope you enjoy this Mother’s Day in Austin, Texas with all the mothers in your life – and that you savor every moment you have together. It’s occasions like these that make memories that last a lifetime.

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